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GreatLodge Hunting and Fishing Licenses

CLICK HERE for more information on Louisiana hunting dates, license and hunter training regulations.


I have these and many more not yet captured on film these Monster Whitetail Deer are available for harvesting this 2004-2005 hunting season. If you are fortunate to see and possible take one of my Louisiana Monster Whitetails. Here are a few pictures of Monsters were we able to capture on camera starting in Aug.2004! My white-tailed deer herd are of the most illusive and have plenty of cover to escape at the slightest movement, sound or smell. These Whitetail deer are considered a wild herd by Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries and the Agriculture department whom issues my license.


1buck--1doe ratio 2004-2005 season is the first year I am going to hunt inside 11 Year old 800 acre high fence area known as Illinois Plantation located on Illinois Plantation Road south of Hayes Louisiana, the same road as Lacassine National Refuge Pool! Twelve years ago my bucks or the parents to my bucks and does were carefully selected for antler and body size. For the first time I am going to allow several Monster Bucks unseen from any human eyes to be harvested during our Louisiana 2004-2005 hunting season you may have the opportunity to hunt and harvest one of these magnificent Whitetail Monster Buck Deer.

More Trail Camera Pictures of available Whitetail Bucks at Illinois Plantation Click Here!                      European Pheasant Tower Shoot Click Here

The Trophy is in the eye of the beholder, 129 B&C and/ or lesser Buck Deer $2500.00 kill fee.

Guide fee is $250.00 first day, $150.00 of this fee included in kill fee! Each day there after $100.00 per day on any mixture of big game, native or otherwise and may include Upland Game Bird Hunts.

130 B&C - up to 149

 Click Here...Shooter Buck Prices...   $2500.00 kill fee,  each 129 B&C and/ or smaller deer, no exceptions includes Whitetail does (female Whitetail) and lesser bucks!

150 B&C - up to 169

All my Louisiana Monster Hunts booked include, shirt, hat, guided hunt, 4 nights lodging, meals, afternoon wild boar hunt or upland game, trophy caped and meat quartered.   

Trophy Hunt

170 B&C - up to 199

Celebrity Trophy Whitetail Hunt

200 B&C - up to 219

All scoring is green at time of kill by TGR (Trophy Game Records)Official Scorer .

Louisiana Monster Trophy Whitetail Buck Hunts

220 B&C - up

All hunts are one-on-one guide to hunter/ stand, some stands my accommodate up to three and one guide. We suggest three days for hunting at the least. 

All prices are subject to change without  notice call for updated prices when booking my Monster Trophy Whitetail Shooter Buck Hunts.                             avec moi Charlie LeDoux 

The Louisiana Alligator, Monsters in Southwest Louisiana. I hunt in / along Bayou, River, Swamp, Marsh and just about anywhere the alligator exist. You and your friends are welcome to join one of my Louisiana Alligator Hunts. Transportation on the hunt, license, skinning and quartering furnished. ...Questions call: toll free call Charlie LeDoux

1 (866) 258 - HUNT (4868) Alligator

STARING IN SEPTEMBER one month only! Louisiana Alligator Hunts, Dove Hunts, Teal Duck Hunts and Whitetail Deer Archery Hunts.

Guaranteed Louisiana Trophy Alligator  Hunting$3000.00 includes: morning Gator Hunt, Trophy Gator three days of hunting and lodging, all meals with afternoon activities like Wild Hog, Teal Duck or Dove hunts,


 Drive in Non Trophy Gator Hunting $1500.00 Allows you one nine foot gator or smaller.

 Any extra gators $100.00 per foot. NON HUNTERS $500.00  One month only "September", limited availability! includes: morning Gator Hunt, lodging, all meals with afternoon activity like Teal Duck or Dove hunt.



    American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) The American alligator is a member of the crocodile family. It can be differentiated from a crocodile by its wider snout and its bottom teeth which do not show when its jaw is closed. Alligators are found throughout the Southeast in wetlands from the Carolinas to Texas and as far north as Arkansas. They consume fish, turtles and snails as well as small animals that come to the water's edge to drink. Young alligators feed primarily on insects, crustaceans, snails, and fish. Alligators benefit the marsh ecosystem by digging holes that hold fresh water during the dry season for fish, insects, crustaceans, snakes, turtles, birds and other animals. Older males may live 30 years or more and reach lengths of 14 feet, and weights of 1,000 pounds. Thirty years ago alligators were depleted from many parts of their range by market hunting and loss of habitat. Many people believed this reptile could never recover. In 1967, this species was listed as an endangered species which prohibited alligator hunting. Their numbers were monitored and by 1987 the American alligator was considered fully recovered and was subsequently removed from the Endangered Species List. However, trade in alligator skins or derived products is still regulated since some related species -- such as crocodiles and caimans -- are still in trouble.


Louisiana Alligator Hunting Season one month only, September  Usual Dates: August 29 - September 30



Trophy Louisiana ALLIGATOR Hunting $3000.00 PER PERSONS 

NON HUNTERS $500.00   

Louisiana Monsters...

Questions call: toll free call Charlie LeDoux @  1 (866) 258 -  HUNT (4868)

Now Booking 2003-2004 Gator Hunting Season and more, don't delay book today!







Earl Hebert  from Lafayette, Louisiana with his Trophy Axis Deer and Blackbuck Antelope.



Native Game, Exotics and all other African Hoof stock PRICE LIST. All animals and prices are subject to availability! Call for species of animals and the availability. All animals are priced per individual and will be first come first serve basis. Here's a list of species what might be available and price. (prices are subject to change without notice unless booked). Prices are kill fees only and do not include the guide fee, or lodging fees. There may also be charges for food or beverage, open bar, cook, maid & hostess if any of these things are desired.





American Bison
Aoudad Ewe
Axis Doe
Blackbuck Doe
Black Hawaiian
Catalina Goat
Corsican Ram
Four Horn Ram

$3950.00 - up
$3500.00 - up
$1650.00 - up
$500.00 - up
$1650.00 - up
$500.00 - up
$1150.00 - up
$500.00 - up
$1250.00 - up
$3950.00 - up
$850.00 - up
$850.00 - up
$3500.00 - up
$5850.00 - up
$1650.00 - up
$1000.00 - up
$2500.00 - up

Hybrid Ibex
Nilgai Bull
Pere David
Red Sheep
Red Stag
Symator Horn Oryx
Texas Dall
Water Buck

$4250.00 - up
$1850.00 - up
$7000.00 - up
$4000.00 - up
$7500.00 - up
$1500.00 - up
$1850.00 - up
$6500.00 - up
$3500.00 - up
$3500.00 - up
$7500.00 - up
$1000.00 - up
$3500.00 - up
$1250.00 - up
$3500.00 - up
$3500.00 - up



Louisiana Fresh Catfish shipped same day swimming Sabine River!


Louisiana Crawfish Buy The Sack and Fresh Farm Raised Alligator Meat for sale online!


DCP01421.JPG (294529 bytes)                  Trophy Boar Hunts $500.00

Saturday 5/08/04 8:46 am Dr. Ivan Batlle with son Ivan on there first hunt.    

We have a controlled Wild Boar hunt with or without hog dogs in 462 acres high fence area (photo and Wild Boar below both taken in Southwest Louisiana shows Young Ivan's Trophy mule footed wild boar hog.)



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Mix Quail, Chukar and Pheasant on 100 Bird Minimum European 30' Tower Shoot.

Call now to book a European Tower Shoot today only $150.00 per person includes 10 pheasants per person...337-515-HUNT.

European Tower Shoot Procedures and Rules!

  • Two shooting grounds / 30 foot European release towers  each consist of 10 - 18 shooting positions that are from 75 to 150 yards from the tower.

  • Each station is occupied by one or two shooters. (10 minimum - 72 maximum)

  • Ten pheasants per shooter are released during the shoot.

  • Pheasants are released two at a time. If you think you can kill the bird, you can shoot at it.

  • Shooting positions are situated to allow only overhead shooting at pheasants that have a flying start of at least 75 yards.

  • Most shots are from 40 to 60 yards long.

  • Shooters rotate after each shooting period. During the shoot each shooter rotates completely around the 30' tower. To afford equal opportunity in all areas.

  • Half way through the shoot we take a break we supply plenty of water and soft drinks. Guest are welcome to BYOB and food.

  • All birds are divided equally.

  • The first six shooters paying their $50.00 cleanup hunt fee can return to the tower area to hunt the missed pheasants with dogs after shoot, those paid will take a break before proceeding on the clean-up hunt.

  • Individuals may bring their own dogs for their group.

  • Groups are allowed to bring out their own set ups for cooking in the field Barbeque Pits Crawfish Boils ect... for your own personal touch or we can cater!

Bob White Quail Hunting, Ring neck Pheasant Hunting, Chukar Partridge and Mallard Duck Hunting on Louisiana hunting Preserve.

 October 1 till April 30 ...NO - LIMITS!

" No Bag Limit"

DCP01495.JPG (345521 bytes)Guided Ventures Shooting Preserve any size group hunting rates!

DCP01483.JPG (295619 bytes)Receive the best price, book two weeks in advance and paid in full! Grounds Fee Per Person $25.00 per day. Includes all tower shoots and traditional field Hunts over pointers wither you use my dog or yours includes hunters, non - hunters and youths!

I have No guide fee, if you need a dog we will furnish dog and handler for the Gratuity alone if booked!

  Quail  $7.00 each booked and paid in advance,                                regular price $8.00 each or cleaned $9.00 each.

Chukar $12.00 each booked and paid in advance,                              regular price $13.00 each or cleaned $14.00 each

Pheasant  $16.00 each booked and paid in advance,                          regular price $17.00 each or cleaned $18.25 each

Mallards  $18.00 each booked and paid in advance,                           regular price $19.00 each or cleaned $21.25 each

Trophy Mississippi Whitetails. BOOK NOW!!! This is one of Charlie 's Honey holes located in Big Rack Country Natchez Mississippi only 15 minutes from down town.

Avec Moi Charlie LeDoux Guided Ventures  Natchez , Mississippi Hunting Grounds. 1(866)258-HUNT(4868)

Semi Guided Hunts if successful one Trophy Buck of Shooters choice and three Does, extra Bucks $800.00 each and extra does $200.00 each.
Bow Hunts $300.00 per day 3 day minimum.
Gun Hunts $400.00 per day 3 day minimum.
We suggest at least 5 days if you are serious about Trophy Whitetails on 4500 Buck Managed acre's bordering the Natchez State Park.
Non Hunters $500.00 per 3 days.
All hunts include: Lodging, meals, Trophy Buck Caped and ready for travel and up to 3 does skinned, quartered and placed in your ice chests. (any extra deer $75.00 caped and $50.00 skinned.

2004-2005 Big Game
Hunting Seasons

CLICK HERE for more information on Mississippi hunting dates, license and hunter training regulations.

BAG LIMIT: The bag limit on antlered buck deer is one (1) buck per day, not to exceed three (3) per license year. Only antlered buck deer with antlers of four (4) points or greater may be taken. The bag limit on antler less deer is one (1) per day, not to exceed three (3) per license year; except that two (2) additional antler-less deer per license year may be taken with a bow and arrow.











If you wish to see more and taste for your selves come on down to South West Louisiana. 

Charlie Le Doux's Smokin'Gun Lodge












DCP01577.JPG (373367 bytes)    A, B, and C All very popular Book Now call toll free 1(866)258-HUNT(4868) Charlie LeDoux


DCP01580.JPG (325726 bytes)   A.)  GUIDED SNOW AND BLUE GEESE $300.00 full day hunt per person during no-limit or regular goose season! We doux break for lunch ( lunch will be Dutch.)







DCP01574.JPG (337893 bytes)



B.) Morning or Evening NO-LIMIT GOOSE 2004-2005 SEASON 




C.) Morning or Evening GOOSE HUNT ONLY

(Regular Goose Season)

$200.00 PER PERSON 




West Zone




Migratory Game Bird Seasons!





$130.00 PER PERSON Morning or Evening  hunt, you supply everything else we supply field.